Landscape Restoration and Management

Landscape Restoration and Management - Western Colorado Landscape Collaborative
  • Coordinate on landscape planning.
  • Restore, improve and enhance vegetation communities so that managed and natural processes are sustained for the benefit of people and the ecosystem, and are resilient to climate change and other natural occurrences.
  • Support existing and new Coordinated Weed Management Area plans for priority landscapes and implement projects to support those plans.
  • Improve habitat quality for featured wildlife, fish and plant species.
  • Protect and restore watershed conditions that sustain beneficial and designated uses of water resources.
  • Coordinate fuels reduction projects including Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) issues.
  • Support the UP Native Plant Program with the objective of developing adequate volumes of seed of priority species native to the area for use on local restoration and mitigation projects.
  • Seek opportunities to derive economic and social benefits through restoration projects and other activities such as biomass utilization, job creation, and maintenance of public lands and their associated features and structures.

Scientific Research and Monitoring

Scientific Research and Monitoring -   Western Colorado Landscape Collaborative
  • Coordinate with, conduct and support science-based programs and projects to expand the knowledge about key resources and processes important to maintaining viable ecosystems.
  • Collaborate with partners in the local communities, such as interest groups, industries, educators, scientists, students, agencies and others with common interests to continue multi-party monitoring efforts that address ecological, social, cultural and economic issues.
  • Organize and conduct periodic work days to collect field data, refine monitoring methodologies, manage, analyze and report data.

Education and Outreach

Education and Outreach  -    Western Colorado Landscape Collaborative
  • Maintain an outreach program that includes:  technology transfer, public information programs, reports of the results of scientific studies and the promotion of project achievements.
  • Organize, provide and support technical training to enhance the capabilities of the Parties to enhance ecosystem health.
  • Manage and maintain Web-based resources to inform and educate the Parties and general public about current programs and projects, success stories, upcoming events, and archive relevant studies, projects, data and other activities.
  • All activities associated with the WCLC Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will be conducted with the goal of maximizing public involvement and input.


Economy  -    Western Colorado Landscape Collaborative
  • Promote stewardship service programs for sustaining community-based natural resource businesses.
  • Develop and support programs and projects that improve the local economy, have social and cultural values, and result in overall ecosystem improvements as determined by long term monitoring and studies.
  • Coordinate with other entities (including Federal, state and local governments) to build local natural resources-based economies.
  • Involve state and local business and economic development groups in programs and projects that add value to natural resources-dependent commerce.


Community  -    Western Colorado Landscape Collaborative
  • Coordinate projects that address Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) issues, including those that provide for the protection of public and private infrastructure and personal safety.
  • Explore and implement programs that foster and expand collaborative relationships with other parties with common interests in Federal, State and private lands within and outside the area of interest.
  • Attract participants to public forums that will maximize the opportunities for organizations and individuals to participate in activities associated with the WCLC.
  • Utilize various methods to inform parties with interest in the activities associated with the WCLC of results of actions taken by the Parties.


Administration -  Western Colorado Landscape Collaborative
  • Administer programs, projects, or tasks that are of common interest and benefit to the Parties with the goal of maximizing the use of resources and funds.
  • Coordinate work and financial plans on mutually desirable projects and document and report the results.
  • Develop strategies to secure, plan, manage and monitor collaborative program/project funds in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Seek opportunities to leverage funding for programs and projects through pooling of resources and grant programs.
  • Identify required resources to carry out the various programs of work and maintain a viable partnership.