North rim landscape

The North Rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison provides critical habitat for the rare Gunnison sage-grouse and other species of wildlife. In April of 2010, a group of concerned citizens and staff members from local governmental agencies and nonprofits produced a document to effectively guide the management of this 345-square-mile area.

Goals of this landscape strategy include:

1. Influence land use decisions and patterns in ways that promote ecosystem health, emphasize connectivity of wildlife habitat and maintain the rural and agricultural character of the region.

2. Support the survival of the Gunnison sage‐grouse in the area through improving habitat, protecting birds, reducing stressors and establishing linkages between populations to promote genetic diversity.

3. Provide an environment that promotes natural fire while protecting life and property.

4. Manage human uses on the landscape in ways that benefit the health of the land and native species.

5. Manage habitat for the benefit of wildlife species in ways that promote a balance of diversity and overall landscape health.